Winter Rain in Paso Robles
Vertical Tasting of 1997-2005 Signature White Wines

The Greening of the Vineyard

Our rain is coming, later than we'd expected it, but no less welcome.  This past weekend's storm dumped about 2 inches on the vineyard, and although we're still behind our typical winter's pace, the cover crops are vibrantly green, the creeks are starting to fill, and the Salinas River even made an above-ground appearance.  We're in a brief sunny period between two storm systems, and I took advantage to take a series of photos of the greening vineyard.  Click on the images for larger shots.

Green_vineyard_2 Dormant_vineyard_unpruned_small
    The dormant vineyard, an unpruned section               The dormant vineyard, a pruned section

       A close-up of a pruned Grenache vine                       A wintery-looking sky, despite the sun

And finally, one bigger shot, about which I love how it gives the feel of the day... sun, but not warm; winter, but not raining, when the world outside smells freshly-made: