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Congratulations to Mark Royer

Congratulations to Mark Royer, from Menlo Park, CA, the winner of the third annual Tablas Creek VINsider NCAA Tournament Challenge!  His bracket correctly predicted 6 of the Elite Eight, all of the Final Four, both of the finalists, and the Kansas Jayhawks as champions, placing him in the 99.1st percentile in ESPN's national brackets.

He edged out second-place finisher Davies Wakefield, from Maribel, WI, and in third place (embarassingly for me) my mother-in-law Sally Dunn, from Baltimore, MD, who rarely watches college basketball but routinely ends up winning the family tournament pool. 

As we have seen each year, our VINsider club members overall score above the national average (we knew there was a reason you liked us!).  This year, the average VINsider bracket scored in the 52nd percentile, with an impressive 15% picking Kansas to win it all.  My results?  A very mediocre 54.7th percentile, as North Carolina failed to beat Pitt in the final.  Anyone interested can look at the complete brackets and results of the VINsider pool on the ESPN Web site.