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Eleven-Wine Dinner in Los Angeles with Campanile (and a Los Angeles Rhone Rangers tasting)

I don't normally post information about upcoming events on the blog (we have a page for that on the Tablas Creek Web site:  But, I have two events coming up next week in Los Angeles that I think are cool enough that they're worth a mention. 

Campanile_restaurant The first is a dinner at Campanile Restaurant on Tuesday, June 3rd.  We sent eleven different wines to Campanile for them to choose from for a dinner menu, expecting them to choose 6 or 7 to go with the 6-course dinner menu that Chef Mark Peel traditionally puts together.  I was stunned when I saw the final dinner menu that they decided to use all eleven wines!  I'm pretty sure that I've never done a dinner where we showed this broad a cross-section of the wines we make, let alone at a restaurant as terrific as Campanile.  The event is co-sponsored by Domaine 547, a wine 2.0 shop whose wine blog is one of my favorites.  The dinner is $150/person (inclusive of tax and tip) which seems to me a very fair price for a dinner of this quality.  Anyone interested should call Campanile at 323.938.1447.

The next day, I'll be joining 42 other Rhone Rangers wineries for the second annual Rhone Rangers Southern California tasting at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  There is a trade tasting (free to qualified trade and media) in the afternoon and a consumer tasting (tickets $60) in the evening.  I'm looking forward to the location, which is an active television studio, where Ugly Betty, The Closer, and Private Practice are currently in production.  I'm not sure what the interaction will be, but apparently the Rhone Rangers is arranging that the stars of the shows who might be interested have entrance into the tasting.  There's more information on how to reserve space on the Rhone Rangers Web site.