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Wine Clubs vs. Mailing Lists

I see trees of green...

I was struck as I walked back from the vineyard toward the winery today by the different shades of green in the landscape.  The grapevines really stand out in the landscape, yellowy-green and very lively-looking.  The olive trees which we use to line the roads are grey-green, the lombardy poplars that we planted years ago as a windbreak a drue, deep green, and the oak trees that line the hillsides a dark brownish green.  I managed to catch all four in one photo, below.


Of course, I was hoping to catch an iconic photo of the coastal fogbank being held back by the Santa Lucia Mountains.  This morning, the fog was visible just cresting the tops of the hills, with a few fingers reaching east toward us.  This is the magic of our weather pattern: while we chill off dramatically at night, the fog only rarely gets to us because of the height of the Santa Lucias to our west. 

Unfortunately, when I saw the fog this morning, I was taking a group of industry folks on a tour and didn't have my camera.  The fog was gone this afternoon.  But the weather pattern is supposed to continue tomorrow, and if I get the shot I wanted, I'll post it then.