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Wine Spectator Features Tablas Creek

Spectator_coverIt was great to see that the Wine Spectator, in their June 15th issue, focused on the Central Coast.  In the overview article, titled "California's New Frontier", James Laube selects Tablas Creek as one of four profiles "...of a winemaker or grapegrower who represents some of the most exciting and interesting trends in their respective district."

In his perceptive feature on Paso Robles, Dan Sogg begins by recounting a story of Francois Perrin licking a limestone rock from Tablas Creek and then "politely indicating the unlicked side for others to try."  Besides being true (I was there) and an illustrative anecdote about Francois, it gets at the crux of what we think is special about Paso Robles: a chance to make wines that reflect the place in which they are grown.

We keep an archive of past articles featuring Tablas Creek on our Web site.