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Expanding the Winery

Tablas Creek is expanding! Last week we began work on a planned expansion to the winery. When we built the winery in 1997, it was designed to hold about 12,000 cases of wine. The large harvests of the past few years, however, have forced us to be creative in coming up with ways to hold more wine. By stacking the foudres, using more large format barrels, and storing some winery equipment outside, we’ve managed to squeeze 16,000 cases in the winery. But it’s clearly time to expand!

The new 1,850 square-foot expansion will be behind the current tank room, toward the rock wall. It will give us room for a fully-stocked workshop, as well as storage for the winery equipment (like the presses and the open-top fermenters) and some additional tanks. Moving the press to the new expansion will free up space in the tank room for even more tanks and barrels.

If all goes well, we anticipate that the new space will be up and running in time for harvest this fall.