A great shot of ripening Mourvedre
Preparing to blend the 2005 reds

Roussanne "Bergeron"

We're enjoying probably the last relatively mellow day before harvest starts in earnest.  From sampling we have done, it looks like we're going to see significant amounts of Syrah, Viognier, and Grenache Blanc this week.  Ripening is proceding under ideal conditions: low-90s daytime temperatures, upper-40s nighttime temps, full sun, no humidity, and light Santa Ana winds from the south.

Meanwhile, we're working with our early-season harvest, one component of which is our Roussanne "Bergeron" program:

Bergeron (Roussanne) grapes in a picking bin ready for pressing Bergeron grape stems, seeds, and skins are cleaned out of the press
Each year, we make a little early-picked, cool-microclimate Roussanne in the style in which it's made in the Savoie region in France (where the Roussanne grape is known as "Bergeron").  This citrusy, higher-acid version of Roussanne is great with fresh seafood, oysters on the half-shell, and fresh cheeses.  We have more details in out 2005 Harvest Report.  Above, see the Bergeron in its picking bin, and then a great shot of cleaning the skins, seeds, and stems out of the press after pressing.

The Bergeron is the sort of wine that we make exclusively for our VINsider Wine Club members.  It's typically made in 200-300 case quantities, and isn't something that we would market nationally.  But, we think it's a great  take on the Roussanne grape, and has proven to be exceptionally good with food.  Try it with aged cow's milk cheeses!