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Congratulations to Tim McGowan

Congratulations to Tim McGowan, from Oak Brook, IL, who won the second annual Tablas Creek VINsider NCAA Tournament Challenge with an entry correctly predicting 6 of the Elite Eight, all of the Final Four, both of the finalists, and the Florida Gators as champions.  His entry ended up in the 99.2nd percentile in ESPN's national brackets.  He narrowly edged out Steven Weitz, from Fort Lauderdale, FL, who ended up in the 99.0 percentile.

Special kudos should also go to Dennis Gorges, of Charlotte, NC, whose bracket up until the final four was so flawless that he was actually in the 100.0th percentile going into the final weekend... in roughly 1000th place of over 2,000,000 entries.  Of course, the last weekend tripped him up, but that's still the first bracket I've ever seen in the 100th percentile that late, and at least within sniffing distance of ESPN's $10,000 top prize.

As we saw last year, our VINsider club members overall score significantly above than the national average.  The median VINsider bracket scored in the 58th percentile, with 10 of the 59 entries (17%) in the 90th percentile or better.

Anyone interested in looking at the brackets and results of the VINsider pool can do so on the ESPN Web site:

Thanks again for playing, everyone!