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Old (1950s) Vineyard Photos

I had a treat in my email today: a nice note from Bob MacGillivray, who grew up in the ranch house across the street from Tablas Creek, and whose family owned the land that is now Tablas Creek from the early 1940s until 1989.  He and his brother John recently uncovered a cache of old slides from the property, taken by their father J. Fraser MacGillivray.  They had recently converted them to JPGs and he was kind enough to send two along to me.  The photos were both taken in the late 1950s on what is now Tablas Creek property. These two photos are below (I'll do them the honor of reproducing both full-size, since they're so remarkable).

Bob's comment: this first photo is looking East/Southeast toward the field that is on Vineyard Drive [Ed note: we now call that vineyard "Scruffy Hill"].  This photo is probably just west/southwest of where the green houses are.  It was taken from the back of out 1941 Chevy grain truck that we still own.

Again, Bob's comment: this second photo is looking North/Northeast [Ed note: toward where the winery is now] with Halter Ranch and Mt. Mourvedre in the background.  There was a stone wall that ran parallel to the wire fence you see in the photo.