Harvest, Week of September 24th
Harvest rain in Paso Robles

Sharing the blending experience

At Tablas Creek, we're always looking for ways to demystify the world of wine.  One tactic that we've found to be a great combination of interesting, enlightening, and portable is the traveling blending seminar.  We've been conducting blending seminars here at the vineyard for years.  And, last year I decided to bottle up and bring with me samples of the individual red components of the 2005 vintage on the road and allow our distributors' salespeople to share in the experience. 

This year, we decided to open the experience up to trade and media in selected cities, and held seminars in Charleston, Chicago, Seattle and San Diego.  Just this week, Sterling Pratt, Wine Director at Schaefer's in Skokie, IL (just north of Chicago) wrote a funny, interesting article for the Pioneer Local describing his experience.

If you're in the trade, and have a related experience, or would be interested in attending a similar event, let us know by posting a comment!