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A little reminder of why we're in California (and a look back at Vermont)

A Few November Vineyard Photos

We had a nice foggy morning earlier this week, and I made it out to take some photos.  This is one of the only times of year where it's occasionally foggy here; usually the fog is kept back by the Santa Lucia Mountains.  With the grapes off the vines, there's no harm in the fog, and it was a good excuse to get on top of the vineyard and look around.  This first shot is looking north, down through a row of Vermentino:


The second shot is a good one of our newly-sprouting cover crop:


And then a few different views of vines through the fog:

South_through_grenache Trees_through_fog

And finally, one last shot that I love for the feel of the day, caught in that season between fall and winter: both warm and cold, wet and dry: