A Few November Vineyard Photos
The TTB's new AVA rules: a well-meaning step in the wrong direction

A little reminder of why we're in California (and a look back at Vermont)

Many of you probably know that my dad's wine career started in the Northeast.  He was born in Brooklyn, grew up in suburban New York, and moved back to Manhattan to work at his father's wine shop M. Lehmann.  Even after my grandfather sold that shop and my dad began his career as an importer, he was based in Manhattan.  When he and my mom got tired of living in the city, they moved to Vermont, where he founded Vineyard Brands.  That's where I grew up.

My parents now split their time between Vermont and California, typically spending summer and the winter holidays in Vermont, and late winter, spring and fall out here.  They flew back to Vermont on Saturday, just in time for the first winter storm of the season.  My dad sent me two pictures of the snow.  The first is of the old Vineyard Brands offices, in the converted barn of the old Vermont farmhouse I grew up in:


The second is a view from my dad's office, looking off the back deck south across an old sheep pasture:


When I was growing up, we had some concord grapes (barely visible on the other side of the snow-covered lane) that my dad had visions of making into wine.  A good choice, I think, choosing Paso Robles over Chester, Vermont!