Pacific storm update: Friday mid-day
Pacific Storm Recap & Photos: Saturday, January 5th

Pacific Storm Update: Friday evening

As of 5:00pm, we'd already received 4.94 inches of rain out at the weather station in the middle of the vineyard.  The forecast suggests it's supposed to continue raining hard through tonight, so the estimates we'd had of nearly 10 inches now sound conservative.  This afternoon, it has been raining at about 0.75 inches per hour.  It has not been quite as windy as we'd been expecting, with wind speeds consistently around 25-30 m.p.h and the largest gust topping out at 43 m.p.h just after 3:00 p.m.  The most recent satellite photo (again from the National Weather Service):


So far, so good.  We're looking forward to hearing water running in Tablas Creek after this.

For anyone thinking of coming out, tomorrow is supposed to be a lot less blustery (and less wet, too) so we're planning to open the tasting room as normal.

Weather permitting, I'll post some photos tomorrow.