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Tablas Creek on "Vinography: A Wine Blog"

In my recent post on lessons from two years of blogging I promised that I'd write about some of the blogs that I have found compelling, for various reasons.  I'm still working on this post, but when I do, one that will certainly be on it is Vinography: A Wine Blog.  Blogger Alder Yarrow, based in San Francisco, writes one of the most wide-ranging wine blogs, covering topics that include wine events, wine- and vineyard-related art, restaurant and wine bar reviews, and (of course) wine reviews.  And Alder is so well connected, and Vinography so regularly updated, that he has the opportunity to break stories before the mainstream wine press.  His January 4th expose of the sting on other retailers' interstate shipping gathered 96 comments so far and scooped articles in the Wine Spectator and Decanter. 

Occasionally, he'll do an in-depth profile of a particular producer, and we were fortunate enough to be the subject of a feature article yesterday.


Alder asked if I would send examples of some of the more obscure bottlings we make to supplement the Tablas Creek wines he has tasted at past tastings including the Rhone Rangers, Family Winemakers and Hospice du Rhone.  These wines (often made in quantities under 250 cases) are rarely reviewed, so it's a great chance to get an outside viewpoint.  I thought his introductory comments were typically (and particularly) thoughtful.  You can read the whole post.