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Tablas Creek on Fredric Koeppel's Bigger Than Your Head

One of the best things about being nominated for an American Wine Blog Award this spring was the opportunity to get to know some of the other finalists.  Many of them I'd read, but others I was only vaguely aware of.  The blog that was the biggest discovery for me was Memphis, Tennessee writer Fredric Koeppel's Bigger Than Your Head

Most wine blogs (I could easily have left out "wine") are written by people for whom the blog's subject is a passion but the craft of writing little more than a means to an end.  Fredric is a former university English professor, and his writing is always good, very often funny, and can be sharply critical of trends or personalities that he believes could benefit from some careful skewering.  In his words, Bigger Than Your Head "gazes critically at the creating and preparing, the marketing and selling, the truth and the hypocrisy, the issues and the language behind what we eat and drink."

While he does a weekly wine review, he only occasionally focuses on the wines of a single producer.  So, I was very pleased to see an in-depth review of several Tablas Creek whites (and our 2007 Rosé) on his site.  I particularly liked his description of the 2006 Roussanne as "lush and juicy, slightly honeyed, though almost formidably dry."  But, enough from me.  Go take a look at his post.