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Harvest 2008 Begins!

Viognier Well, we've finally begun this year's harvest.  Yesterday and today, we've been harvesting our Viognier, which as usual is our first varietal in the cellar.  2008's harvest started about a week later than the 2007 harvest did, consistent with a slightly later veraison and overall moderate temperatures in August.  Compared to our 14-year history, a start in the first week of September is just about average.

Quality looks very good.  Our yields look to be higher than the historically low yields of 2007, but still slightly lower than average.

It looks like we'll continue to see some of the early varietals coming in next week, including Chardonnay and maybe our first Syrah.  The comparatively warm weather (highs in the upper 90s) of the past few days will moderate next week but remain seasonable.  Highs are forecast to be in the upper-80s with lows in the upper 40s.

A ripe Viognier cluster is pictured above, just before harvest.