Appellations of Origin
End of Harvest 2008: two weeks of Mourvedre, Roussanne, and Counoise, and a better picture on yields than we'd been expecting

Autumn Images in the Vineyard

As I was leaving the vineyard yesterday, I was struck by the quality of the light, which was quintessentially autumn: low and raking, illuminating the turning colors of the vineyard.  It was so dramatic that I ran back inside to grab the camera and clambered into the Mourvedre block behind the winery to try to capture how it felt.  I'm reasonably pleased with the results; the only thing that I would like to have captured was the pale blue of the sky.  In all these shots, exposing to pick up the colors of the leaves meant losing the sky to white.  First, the hillside from below, with the riot of red and green:


Next, a shot of the colors, through one of the bottom rows of Mourvedre:


And finally, a look between two Mourvedre rows into the setting sun: