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Autumn Vineyard Photo Essay, Part 2: Near and Far

Autumn Vineyard Photo Essay, Part 1: A Riot of Color

One consequence of the end of daylight savings has been that I'm at the vineyard at the end of the day a lot more often.  At this time of year particularly, the combination of the late-day slanting yellow sun and the foliage turning colors makes for some spectacular scenes in the afternoon.  I have a whole series of photos I want to share, and am planning to post three thematically connected photos each day for the next week.  For this first post, wanted to celebrate the colors of fall.  First, a look down from the top of the vineyard through the Grenache (left, mostly green) and Mourvedre (right, mostly red) sections:


Next, a photo of the Vermentino vineyard with one lone remaining cluster (evidently missed during harvest) that shows the deep blue skies:


And finally, a shot of Grenache Noir vines showing the brilliant greens and reds that make November such a beautiful time of year: