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A frosty winter morning (and more good weather ahead!)

Spectacular Winter Sunsets in Paso Robles

I don't always enjoy December in Paso Robles.  It gets old that it's dark at 5pm; I get tired of driving home dodging deer; and it's usually cold enough here in winter evenings that even taking the kids for a walk around the neighborhood is a production.  Still, there are benefits.  Winter produces spectacular sunsets here, and the sun sets early enough that I'm usually still at the vineyard and have a handy camera.  I came out of work to go home today only to find the nicest sunset of the winter so far.  So, I grabbed the camera and headed out into the vineyard.  As always, click on the photos for larger shots.

The first shows the moon rising over the eastern edge of the vineyard, gentle colors in the eastern sky:


Next, three photos from the top of the vineyard, framed by an old oak tree and showing spectacularly fiery colors




And finally, one photo that I think is somehow playful: an unusual cloud, looking like a dragon in the setting sun: