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Valentine's Day Wine (AKA Wine for Chocolate): Sunset Magazine says Vin de Paille "Sacrerouge"

I don't normally post on this blog about press that we receive (although we do post it on our Web site at http://www.tablascreek.com/InTheNews.html) but every now and then we get a piece of press so cool I can't resist.  This one was even better because it was unexpected.

In their February issue, Sunset Magazine published their "Lover's guide to wine" with suggestions for wines and foods that will (in their words) "jump-start your evening".  Even better, they featured our Vin de Paille "Sacrerouge", the 100% Mourvedre dessert wine that we make occasionally from grapes dried on straw in our greenhouses.  It is a lush, beautiful wine (Robert Parker called it "kinky") and we've always thought it a great pairing with or instead of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Sunset took it one step further, calling it "bottled seduction" and suggests "gulp it, pour it over yourself, surrender sense to it".   In a serendipitous twist, it has been our featured wine this January, and so is 15% cheaper the rest of this week than it will be at any other time.  So, what are you waiting for?  Read the article or order some.