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Congratulations to... my wife Meghan?

So, we just completed the third annual VINsider NCAA tournament bracket.  And once again, our fans showed that their skill in choosing winners extends beyond just wine.  The median entry in the ESPN VINsider group that I set up was in the 60th percentile.  I encourage the Tablas Creek staff to join in the brackets each year, and a handful of us did.  My wife Meghan, who you have to thank for our newsletter, labels and brochures, entered as well, picking UNC to win it all (she's always been an ACC partisan).  Her bracket picked three of the final four and seven of the elite eight and landed her in the 98.5th percentile and at the top of the VINsider pool.

I always knew I had good taste!

My own bracket was fairly embarrassing; I did very well picking upsets in the first round and was in the 99th percentile after two rounds and 97th after three... but things fell apart quickly after that, and my final four of Memphis, Louisville, Oklahoma and Pitt didn't exactly happen. 

Thank you to everyone who played.  It's always a fun diversion for us here!