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Winter Sunset Panoramas

The winter sunsets in Paso Robles are often spectacular.  The current weather pattern, with a mix of clouds and sun, captures the red glow of the setting sun.  In summertime, when humidity levels are very low and clouds rare, sunsets are long-lasting but usually subtle.  In wintertime, the sunsets move quickly, and disappear within minutes, but are consistently amazing.  Even better, they're happening at times when anyone can appreciate them.  Typical for mid-December, these photos were taken between 4:45pm and 5:00pm -- when our tasting room is still open.

This week, we've had great sunsets every day.  Our tasting room manager John Morris took these photos, which I converted into panorama format.  As always for this blog, click on the photos for a larger version.

Sunset panorama 1

Sunset panorama 2

Sunset panorama 3