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The Gathering Storm: A Preview of a Potentially Historic Week of Weather

A great photo of a fair-weather winter sky (a.k.a. "transitory ridging")

We're enjoying a period of what our meteorologist calls "transitory ridging" -- as I understand it, high pressure that moves over an area in between two low pressure systems rather one that establishes itself in an area and diverts low pressure systems around it.  It has resulted in beautiful winter weather this last week: sunny and warm, but with interesting clouds in the sky from the nearby weather systems.  We're particularly able to enjoy this weather because we know that it sets the stage for a major weather shift.  Forecasts are predicting a series of el nino-influenced storms: perhaps as many as a half-dozen over the next two weeks.  If this pattern happens, we could get another five to ten inches of rain, which would be wonderful.

I particularly liked the cloud patterns above the winery in the photo below.  Note that this view is soon to be improved: one reason why we're choosing to build our winery expansion to the east (road-side) of the winery is because the first thing that greets guests is our gravel-covered staff parking lot.  If I had a way of Photoshopping-out the cars, I would have.


The east facade will become the new face of the winery, with a series of terraces cascading down toward the south, a landscaped entrance to a new tasting room, trees lining a new parking area, and our septic system (in the circular wall) relocated out of view.

To those of you who are doing rain dances, thanks.  The rainy forecast makes the sun that much sweeter.