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Beats and Bottling

Now, a media arts major I am not.  However, armed with a Flip camera, iMovie, and an assignment to chronicle the vineyard and winemaking cycle at Tablas, I will be trying my hand at video production over the next year.  These videos will be posted on our blog and our Facebook page and will hopefully give you a feel of what's going on here that isn't possible with still photos and text.  What follows is my first effort. 

The process of bottling, for all of its clanging and repetition, is actually quite cool to see in action.  When the line is running smoothly, it is easy to forget about all the different human and mechanical components that are operating just so in order to produce that result.  Additionally, there is a lot of stress that surrounds a well executed bottling; it would be both depressing and disastrous to have things go awry at this stage in the game.  

Thankfully, everything has run smoothly this week.  The crew is wrapping up six days worth of bottling today and once finished, all of our 2009 whites and 2008 reds will be in bottle.  The video below was shot mid-week and it is footage of our 2009 Esprit Blanc being bottled in half-bottles.  I had some fun putting it together and setting it to music.  I hope it helps illustrate how intricate the process is and some of the rhythm of the work.  

As always, please feel free to leave questions in the comments section, and I hope you enjoy the video.