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An update on construction: photos of a space taking shape

It's been wild watching a new building take shape outside our windows over the past two months.  As regular readers know (my dad posted in June about our pending construction) we're adding 8,000 square feet onto our winery building, incorporating more office space, a new fermentation room, a new room for our foudres, and a new tasting room nestled between the two new cellar spaces with big waist-to-ceiling windows looking into both.

What's been unusual is that the building will eventually be contiguous with our current office and cellar spaces, and so we've had an up close view of the work.  The photo below gives you a sense of the sometimes alarming proximity:

Heavy equipment

The sequence of events began with several weeks of earth work, excavating and flattening the area that would sit underneath the new construction.  About two months ago, we could see the first signs of the building itself: lines painted on the ground that indicated footing walls and drainage pipes:


The next stages involved digging trenches and pouring concrete for footings:

Footer_0001   Concrete_block_0001

Then there was another pause while less-visible work took place: the layout, trenching and covering of conduits for drains, water, electricity and telecommunications.  Once all that was in place, they poured the floors for the tasting room and office spaces:


The concrete for the fermentation and foudre rooms was more complex because of the drains in the floors and the exact slopes that the floors had to follow.  The drains were installed at the time of the first concrete pouring about a week ago, but the cellar floors weren't poured until yesterday.  Two photos taken from the same location show the change:

Concrete_tr_0003   Foudre_construction_0002

A close-up view of the drains that will be in the foudre room shows the slope.  The foudres will sit back-to-back, with the front row facing left toward what will be the tasting room and the back row facing right toward the back wall of the room. 


We've also been excavating what will be the parking area.  We love that our visitors will be parking so close to the vineyard, encircled by a block of head-pruned Mourvedre vines and our solar panels:


To give you a better idea of the layout of the space, I will leave you with the site plan.  You can see the existing building, the new space, the parking area inside the vines (the solar panels are off-screen to the top) and, perhaps most excitingly, the cascade of patios running down the hill from the tasting room toward the south, which should give great spaces to sit, relax and enjoy a glass of Tablas Creek with friends.