Holiday Wine Suggestions from the Tablas Creek Team
A beautifully foggy January morning

Happy New Year from the Tablas Creek Team

As we finish up with 2010, we wanted to take a moment to enumerate a few of the things we're feeling thankful for. 

We're thankful for the rain we got last winter, which gave us the healthiest vineyard we've ever seen this year.

We're thankful that in this unusually cool vintage the winter rain held off long enough for us to finish harvest on November 19th, our latest finish to harvest ever.  We're equally thankful that we chose to wait out the end of the season rather than pick when rain first threatened, and were rewarded with some of the most intense flavors we've seen.

We're thankful for the communities we're a part of, both in geography (Paso Robles) and in philosophy (the Rhone Ranger community) for the support, encouragement, and willingness to work together to get our little part of the wine world, and our wonderful category of wines, the recognition they deserve.

We're thankful to our supporters in the wholesale, restaurant, retail and media world, who have helped spread the word on who we are and what we do much wider than we could ever have done it ourselves.

We're thankful for the wonderful team here at Tablas Creek, from the vineyard to the cellar to the office to the tasting room, for their commitment to making -- and representing -- wines of character, individuality and place.

And finally, we are most thankful to all of you who have bought and enjoyed our wines over the last year, even as the economy remains troubled.  We are fortunate to receive regular feedback from our customers, and are humbled by your loyalty, your enthusiasm and your interest.

We wish all of you a wonderful 2011.  May it be happy, productive, and fulfilling for you all... and may it include plenty of great wine, close friends and reason to celebrate.


Happy New Year!