Viticulturist Levi Glenn and Vineyard Manager David Maduena demonstrate grapevine pruning
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New Lambs at Tablas Creek

As we've mentioned, we're moving forward with our Biodynamic program throughout the property, including additional work with compost, cover crops, and Biodynamic preparations.  One of the keys to Biodynamics is biodiversity in flora, fauna and (consequently) microbes, and it is the additions to the fauna that have been the most visible manifestation of our moves to Biodynamics.

Today, one of the Barbados ewes that we brought in recently had lambs.  It's always amazing to me how self-sufficient newborn animals are compared to humans.  This is particularly true of herbivores, which have to be ready to run, evolutionarily, almost right away.  The photos below were taken less than an hour after the lambs were born, and they were already standing up and starting to nurse.  The mother was alternating between licking the lambs clean and continuing to munch on the mustard flowers in the head-pruned Mourvedre block where the animals are at the moment.  The new family:


The sheep will join the flock, which is getting accustomed to its new home and gradually moving through selected portions of the vineyard.  The babies:

Lambs_0004 Lambs_0005

We'll have the animals posted near the winery as part of our activities celebrating the Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival in mid-March.  If you're in the area, come on out and meet the vineyard's newest residents.