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Photo of the Day: Donkeys on Guard

Some photos are too good not to share.  As regular followers of the blog know, we have two donkeys that help guard our mixed flock of sheep and alpacas from coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and other predators that might threaten the smaller animals.  Donkeys will bond with other species in their herd, and they're big enough, and stubborn enough, to stand up to anything we have in our fairly wild patelin.  Our Assistant Tasting Room Manager Jennifer Knoll got this shot of the two donkeys yesterday, looking down through our Counoise block, looking alert.

Donkeys on guard

Of course, the donkeys also perform the job that the other members of the herd do: they eat the cover crop, fertilize with their manure, and mix things together with their hooves as they wander around.  More animals means less tractor passes, fewer weeds, and less need to fertilize.

The larger donkey in back is named Dottie.  The smaller gray one is Fiona.  Keep up the good work!