We finally get a little rain, and celebrate
Balanced on the tipping point between winter and spring

The stunning 2013 wildflower season

I've never seen a wildflower season like this one.  Whether because of all the sun we've had the last two months, because of the work we've been doing with biodynamics to help build up the soil's health, or something else entirely, these couple of weeks before the vines burst from dormancy are a study in beauty and contrast: warm sun and wintery brown vines. Deep green grasses and yellow and orange flowers. Cool -- even frosty -- mornings and warm afternoons.  The result is spectacular:

Over coming weeks we'll be getting the vineyard ready for the the growing season, disking and spading in the cover crop to build the soil's fertility, finishing the pruning on our last few unpruned blocks, and generally bringing the wild growth of winter under control to allow the vines to grow in an orderly way throughout the summer.

But I'll be enjoying this next month... and if you're coming to Paso Robles in that time, be sure to ask for the tour and not just content yourself with a visit to the tasting room.  If you need a little more convincing, a few photos will hopefully do the trick.  Click on a photo to enlarge it.




Wildflowers_March2013_0003  Wildflowers_March2013_0006

If you're used to Paso Robles' summer golden hillsides, let this be your invitation to enjoy our late winter hillsides that are gold... for a different reason.